Setting Up Email for Android Phones

The following article will instruct you on configuring your email on an Android device using the default email client. The version of Android on each device can vary according to the model of the phone and carrier. If you cannot follow these steps, you can contact HostBoscus' support via phone or create a ticket, or you may need to reach out to your mobile carrier or device manufacturer for further assistance.

Generic Email Client Settings

These are the generic settings and should work for any email client or mobile device.

Setting What You Input
Username: Your full email address (
Password: Your email password
Connection Type: Server & Port info

Incoming Server:
Incoming Port:

995 (with SSL enabled)

110 (with SSL not enabled)


Incoming Server:
Incoming Port:

993 (with SSL enabled)

110 (with SSL not enabled)

SSL (Optional): Enabled or Disabled
Outgoing Server Authentication: Enabled
Outgoing Server:
Outgoing Port: 465 (with SSL enabled)
587 (with SSL not enabled)

Tip: If 587 is not working for the Outgoing Port, try using port 25 instead.

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